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Experience Tubly, the smart Android app revolutionizing how you consume YouTube content. With advanced AI, Tubly condenses long videos into concise summaries, offering both reading and listening options.

Ideal for busy lifestyles, it lets you stay updated on the go. Immerse in knowledge and boost productivity with Tubly's dual visual and auditory features.

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Powered by OpenAI
Tubly utilizes the advanced technology of OpenAI, ChatGPT and other tools to transform long YouTube videos into quick and clear summaries.
Stay Updated Effortlessly
Keep up with your favorite YouTube channels without missing a beat. Our feed summarizer delivers bite-sized updates directly to you. Imagine getting the essence of new videos distilled into concise summaries that you can read or listen to on-the-go. Save time, stay informed, and never be overwhelmed with content again.
Time Tagging
Navigate through videos intelligently with Tubly. Access important parts of videos with a click, using our interactive time stamps.
Tubly Multilingual Translation
Discover videos in any language with Tubly. Watch in one language and get summaries and audios in another. Ideal for language learning and easy access to global content.
Your History in Tubly
Revisit your favorite summaries with Tubly History. Easily access past content and never lose the insights you discovered.
Tubly Audio Summaries
Listen to the key points of videos with Tubly's audio summaries. Ideal for mobile learning or for absorbing content while relaxing. Activate with a tap and dive into knowledge.